Your Skin Optimized

“OPTE is like a real-life beauty filter for your skin.”

“The results are stunning, particularly for a non-surgical, laser-free skincare treatment.”

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“It looks 100 percent natural — it's truly no-makeup makeup.”

“The solution to perfect skin is finally here, and it isn't just a new kind of makeup.”

“The future of skincare and makeup could be brushless.”

“I’ve never seen something as natural as OPTE offers.”

“No, it's not wizardry.”

“No pricey lasers required! You’ll have younger-looking skin in no time.”

“The most remarkable natural-but-even look ever.”

2020 Breakthrough Award
Allure, OPTE

Opte Skin Device


OPTE digitally scans your skin, analyzes your complexion, and camouflages age spots, sunspots, and hyperpigmentation on contact while fading their appearance over time.


We Never Retouch Skin, Just OPTE

Opte Results - Deep Tone Opte Results - Deep Tone
Opte Results - Medium Tone Opte Results - Medium Tone
Opte Results - Fair Tone Opte Results - Fair Tone
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“OPTE is the future of makeup - a fusion of intelligent makeup and skincare, that scans and edits the face in real time. What's great is that OPTE selectively covers only the discolored areas on the face, so that only minimal product is applied. OPTE leaves the skin feeling comfortable, and looking natural yet flawless." 

Dr. Julia Tzu

"When it comes to at-home precision skincare - my recommendation is OPTE! Not only does OPTE deliver a smooth, lightweight airbrushed look immediately, it also treats the skin at the same time."


Gift Yourself A Merry Glow.
Let Your Skin be Bright.

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With 13 science-backed patents, OPTE is a handheld, all-in-one solution for hyperpigmentation, powered by advanced skincare technology with proven results.

How It Works


The camera works with a safe blue LED light to find even the most subtle age spots.


A patented precision skincare algorithm analyzes the spots in real time.


Optimizing Serum is applied precisely to each spot, camouflaging it instantly and fading its appearance over time.

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Real Moments

HEIDY C, 49 star solid

"This device is a real game changer! It only takes 2-5 minutes of your day to use. The device is lightweight and easy to manage. You can hear the clicking sounds as the device detects discolorations on the skin. That means it's working! Would definitely recommend trying it out!"

MONICA R star solid

"The Beauty Wand covers my slight imperfections with a few strokes. It leaves my skin with a natural glow. Light and breathable so my skin feels natural."

ERIN B, 44 star solid

"I love using my OPTE Beauty Wand system. It really helps cover my dark spots and large pores with ease. I just use in the morning for a few minutes sweeping the wand over my face and the wand does the rest. Covering my blemishes for many hours throughout the day."

LORI A, 51 star solid

"Great easy to use tool that quickly covers and treats your brown spots. The tool rolls over your face and makes a clicking noise as it identifies and covers the brown spot. Pass over the spot a few times and watch the spot disappear. No need to use foundation or anything else. My skin looks great."

TAISHA C, 54 star solid

"This beauty wand is convenient easy to use and perfect for a flawless beautiful youthful facial look. Simple and easy to change the cartridge out when it has empty. Not bulky sits on top of my counter with easy access. It has been a joy and pleasure using this beauty wand."

GINA R, 37 star solid

"This product is so easy to use and it has made my face look flawless. There is sensor in the device which beeps to guide me to my age spot problem areas. That is very helpful."

ALICIA P, 41 star solid

"It takes 5+ minutes to see any coverage. You need to go over the spot and move to another area then return to the spot after a few seconds and repeat so that the spot can be covered effectively."

JASMINE C, 36 star solid

"It's an amazing device that covers only the blemishes and skin color differences on your face. You run the wand up and down and side to side to get coverage"

SEEMA S, 36 star solid

"This Wand is awesome and works great. Its super easy to use and very soft. It is very effective and easy to handle. I would recommend the Wand to others!"

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