Your Skin Optimized

"OPTE diminishes hyperpigmentation by targeting exactly where it is."


2020 Breakthrough Award
Allure, OPTE

”I’ve never had such an even complexion without using a full-coverage foundation.”

“A true breakthrough in both skin care and makeup.”

“I’ve never seen something as natural as OPTE offers.”

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“It looks 100 percent natural — it's truly no-makeup makeup.”

“The most remarkable natural-but-even look ever.”

“Why cover your face in foundation when you could take a more targeted approach?”

Opte Skin Device

Discover the future of beauty & skincare

Award-winning. Dermatologist-recommended. Discover the first all-in-one Precision Skincare device for hyperpigmentation treatment that instantly corrects, then visibly fades and prevents dark spots with every use. Get real results with personalized, preventative, smart skincare.


Is Opte Right For You?

Everyone’s skin is different. Your skin may even be different on your cheeks than your chin. That's why our technology is personalized to every inch of your skin. Before you take the leap, take our quiz to make sure OPTE is meant for you and your skin’s particular needs. 

Opte Skin Device

How it works


Our integrated high-speed camera works 3x faster than the human eye to scan your skin for tonal differences in pigmentation.


A patented Precision Skincare algorithm analyzes your skin in real time while a safe blue light detects even the spots you can't see.


OPTE precisely calibrates and applies Optimizing Serum only where you need it to instantly correct, then visibly fade and prevent dark spots.


100% Real, Unretouched results

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“OPTE is the future of makeup - a fusion of intelligent makeup and skincare, that scans and edits the face in real time. What's great is that OPTE selectively covers only the discolored areas on the face, so that only minimal product is applied. OPTE leaves the skin feeling comfortable, and looking natural yet flawless." 

Dr. Julia Tzu

"When it comes to at-home precision skincare - my recommendation is OPTE! Not only does OPTE deliver a smooth, lightweight airbrushed look immediately, it also treats the skin at the same time."

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The Wand

Backed by 12+ years of development and 13 breakthrough patents, OPTE's Precision Skincare technology combines the best of optics, proprietary algorithms, printing technology, and skincare in one handheld device that scans, detects, and corrects hyperpigmentation.

Opte Skin Device
Opte Skin Device


Our high-performance, spot-fading Optimizing Serum is powered by 5% niacinamide (vitamin B3) and advanced mineral pigments that are shade-inclusive for 98% of all skin tones. Formulated in Japan without sulfates, parabens, dyes, phthalates, or fragrance.

  • Uses 97% less product than foundation for an even-toned, true to skin finish
  • 5% niacinamide has been clinically proven to visibly reduce hyperpigmentation
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Real Moments

Melisha K star solid

"OPTE you have changed my life… I am 42 but look a lot younger. I had a big dark spot and it is getting smaller. My hyperpigmentation is lessening. I love my skin more now."

Heather C. star solid

“All my dark spots are fading and my makeup looks so natural that it doesn’t even look like I’m wearing makeup! I’ve gotten so many compliments.”

Adriana L. star solid

“I bought this and it changed everything for me. I don’t use face foundation or powder anymore, I’m a forever customer.”

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