About Us

With 14+ years and over 500,000 work hours in the making, OPTE Precision Skincare technology is here to reveal your natural skin, camouflaging only what is needed, so you can look and feel radiant, both inside and out.

Opte Values


We move with a sense of optimism and provide solutions that bring the joy of loving the skin you're in.


We seek to simplify complexity and get excited about "why" the science of skin matters.


We exude expertise because of our understanding of science, skin and her.


Our precision is intentional and we communicate with directness in words & function.

Our obsession was driven from the knowledge that there had to be a better way.


Inventor Story

OPTE started in the mind of Thomas Rabe at the historic Procter & Gamble labs over 14 years ago. Seeing that no other product existed in the market to address the core needs of people with hyperpigmentation, he asked: What if we took a more targeted approach? OPTE is the result of 13 patents and 500,000 work hours by dozens of beauty-obsessed engineers & scientists. Together, we built a better solution: the OPTE Precision Skincare System.

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