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Dear OPTE Customers,

We have decided to pause our OPTE business. We will ship your last subscription refills the week of January 3, 2023. There will be refills stocked on the website until January 15, 2023, so you can order additional supply.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call at 1-833-GET-OPTE to leave a voice message.

- The OPTE Team

OPTE 101: Optimizing Serum

What's inside OPTE's Optimizing Serum?

When you glide the OPTE wand over your skin, a high-performance hybrid serum is precisely applied directly to your dark spots. OPTE's Optimizing Serum is made of a proprietary blend of spot-fading 5% niacinamide and natural mineral pigments.

Because our Precision Skincare technology targets your spots so precisely, OPTE uses 97% less product than traditional coverage products like foundation, for an even-toned, natural look that always looks beautifully bare and just like your real skin with nothing on it.

OPTE camouflages spots on contact and application is buildable, so the Optimizing Serum can be layered for buildable, seamless coverage that is transfer-proof and has a true-to-skin finish. In as little as 4 weeks, the Optimizing Serum is proven to help visibly reduce as well as prevent the look of dark spots.


Key ingredients in the Optimizing Serum

5% Niacinamide to fade and prevent spots

Our star skincare ingredient is 5% Niacinamide (a form of vitamin B3) because it’s consistently clinically proven to diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation with daily use. Put simply, it works by stimulating a biochemical process that boosts cellular metabolism. Because an excess production of melanin is a byproduct of the skin healing process niacinamide is one of the safest ways to speed up this process. 

Niacinamide is a strong spot-fading antioxidant, especially at the derm-recommended 5% potency, but it’s also completely safe to use with other skincare actives you may be using (like acids and retinols) without causing irritation or diminishing strength. This also makes it great for those with sensitive skin as it hasn’t been shown to cause breakouts or skin purging. 

Advanced Mineral Pigments to camouflage on contact

As for the mineral pigments? We should clarify that the Optimizing Serum doesn’t technically contain makeup. It does, however, contain mineral pigments that, when precisely dispensed onto dark spot from the wand, effectively camouflages hyperpigmentation. Outside of skincare serum, we only use 2 mineral pigments. 

The first being Titanium Dioxide—a white, super fine, naturally-occurring mineral that refracts light (that makes for glowy skin). It’s also a key ingredient in sunscreen, so your dark spots get that little extra photo protection (but don’t forget to wear a 30+ SPF to maintain your hyperpigmentation care). The second mineral is iron oxide, which gives that mineral coverage a little color, differentiating our three shade formulas.

Because our Precision Skincare technology targets your hyperpigmentation so precisely, OPTE is using less than 97% of product than traditional coverage options like foundation. That's why your skin will look instantly even-toned, yet 100% makeup-free. That natural glow our customers rave about? It's your natural radiance, simply revealed.

OPTE's 3 formulas

Why only three formulas? We know, it’s strange to imagine dark spot coverage without thinking about foundation, but our Optimizing Serum is anything but. Instead of shade-matching to your skin the way you would with most complexion products, OPTE targets only dark spots and deposits just enough product to counteract the contrast between your hyperpigmentation and your natural skin tone. 

When we say our formulas cover 98% of skin tones, we’re actually referring to that contrast of hyperpigmentation. OPTE's 3 formulas actually adjust to all skin tones, but some low contrast dark spots are harder for the microprocessor to see. 

Contrast is exactly what that blue light is detecting; using a color theory algorithm, it can deduce just how dark a spot is compared to your unique skin tone. And, just for future reference, the blue light is just a blue LED light. Like a light bulb, but blue! (Not light therapy, like some may have assumed.) That blue light just helps the camera in the OPTE wand see your hyperpigmentation at levels beyond the human eye.

Real OPTE love from real customers

“After using OPTE just a few days, I went back to my regular make-up for a more 'formal' situation and was disappointed in it. My age spots weren't covered as well with my more make-up-y makeup as they are with my OPTE.” - Robin D. 

“I feel like I’m walking around wearing a “soft focus” filter on my skin! All of the dark spots are covered and my skin glows. I strongly dislike the look and feel of foundation or makeup on my skin, but OPTE feels weightless and is not noticeable. I can also tell that my dark spots are becoming less noticeable even with bare skin. The fading is working.” - Sierra M. 
"I have just used my OPTE for the very first time and I am OBSESSED and impressed how amazing this looks on my skin! Why didn’t I get it before? I couldn’t be happier! And I can’t express how great the customer service is and so adorable the fact I am also getting the Brightening Concentrate. People need to use this product. My family and friends are already purchasing theirs! 😍 Thank you so much again! For sure the best skin device I ever purchased!" - Carlos M.


“All my dark spots are fading and my makeup looks so natural that it doesn’t even look like I’m wearing makeup! I’ve gotten so many compliments of how my skin looks without wearing makeup because this product works so well! Melasma and red spots from acne are totally gone!” - Heather O. 
“Love the Opte. Worth every penny. My skin looks so much better after using I can not imagine being without it. Yes it is addicting ! Also in only about a month I can see the dark spots I have been struggling to cover in sorts of ways for years starting to fade.” - Nancy E. 
“After using for a month I noticed that my previous dark marks are fading and barely noticeable now.” - Dinusha R.
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