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Dear OPTE Customers,

We have decided to pause our OPTE business. We will ship your last subscription refills the week of January 3, 2023. There will be refills stocked on the website until January 15, 2023, so you can order additional supply.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call at 1-833-GET-OPTE to leave a voice message.

- The OPTE Team

Real Results from Real OPTE Users

After 14+ years of development, the science behind OPTE’s Precision Skincare technology for dark spots has taken the skincare world by storm. After just a year since our launch in September 2020, OPTE's already won an Allure Best of Beauty Breakthroughs award, along with 17 other prestigious awards from Harper's BAZAAR, ELLE, Essence, and more.

As incredible as this new beauty innovation is, it’s the way OPTE makes people feel that is truly revolutionizing the way we see beauty—one OPTEmist at a time. Our OPTEmist community is made up of beautifully unique OPTE lovers who have discovered a renewed sense of skin love and confidence, free of foundation. 

Check out these real reviews from real OPTE users, and see why OPTE skin is always in. 

Real OPTE Customer Reviews

“All my dark spots are fading and my makeup looks so natural that it doesn’t even look like I’m wearing makeup! I’ve gotten so many compliments of how my skin looks without wearing makeup because this product works so well! Melasma and red spots from acne are totally gone!" - Heather C. 

“I'm on week 5 or so of using my Opte and I'm OBSESSED. At first I didn't really see the results that were advertised but kept using it every morning and I am blown away by how my skin looks and how each application's payoff is better than the last. If you have sun damage and are on the fence don't hesitate, and don't forget to be patient, results take time." - Gina S.  

“I feel like I’m walking around wearing a “soft focus” filter on my skin! All of the dark spots are covered and my skin glows. I strongly dislike the look and feel of foundation or makeup on my skin, but OPTE feels weightless and is not noticeable. I can also tell that my dark spots are becoming less noticeable even with bare skin. The fading is working." - Sierra M.

“My skin looks so much better after using I can not imagine being without it. Also in only about a month I can see the dark spots I have been struggling to cover in sorts of ways for years starting to fade.” - Nancy E.    

“I’m loving it! I have many sun spots on my face. I used Opte and went to my 15 year old daughter and asked her to look at my dark spots. She looked at me and said “what dark spots?” She also said my face looked dewy and alive. I already ordered 2 more serum replacements!” - Jill H.

"I have just used my OPTE for the very first time and I am OBSESSED and impressed how amazing this looks on my skin! Why didn’t I get it before? I couldn’t be happier! And I can’t express how great the customer service is and so adorable the fact I am also getting the Brightening Concentrate. People need to use this product. My family and friends are already purchasing theirs! Thank you so much again! For sure the best skin device I ever purchased!" - Carlos M.

“After using for a month... my previous dark marks are fading and barely noticeable now.” - Dinusha R.   

“I love Opte!! I have had terrible scarring from acne over the years and have not found a way to cover it up except through wearing a full face of foundation. With Opte, it hides my scarring and spots so easily without feeling like I'm wearing makeup. Opte has been such a game changer for me! I feel like my skin can shine and I don't have to hide behind a layer of makeup anymore.” - Kimberly K.

“After using OPTE just a few days, I went back to my regular make-up for a more 'formal' situation and was disappointed in it. My age spots weren't covered as well with my more make-up-y makeup as they are with my OPTE.” - Robin D.


A revolutionary breakthrough in skincare science, backed by 13 patents and 14+ years of research and development, the OPTE Precision Skincare System is the first and only handheld device designed for skin with dark spots, age spots, sun spots, and more. 

The future of beauty is here and real skin is in! It's time to let you shine through and reveal the natural beauty of your skin. Uncover a fresh-faced, completely natural look that's even-toned with visibly reduced discoloration.

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