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Dear OPTE Customers,

We have decided to pause our OPTE business. We will ship your last subscription refills the week of January 3, 2023. There will be refills stocked on the website until January 15, 2023, so you can order additional supply.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call at 1-833-GET-OPTE to leave a voice message.

- The OPTE Team


Backed by 13 breakthrough patents and 14+ years of lab R&D, OPTE combines the best of optics, proprietary algorithms, printing innovation, and first-of-its-kind Precision Skincare technology in one handheld device. OPTE scans, detects, and corrects hyperpigmentation with precision application that targets your dark spots exactly where they are.

How Opte works


OPTE scans your skin for dark spots, sun spots, and age spots in real time using a high-speed digital camera that captures and analyzes 200 images per second.


OPTE analyzes the precise size, shape, and intensity of your spots—even those not yet visible to the naked eye—using an advanced microprocessor and algorithm.


OPTE corrects only your spots in real time with ultra-precise application, camouflaging with mineral pigments and visibly fading them using 5% niacinamide.


OPTE targets the subtlest of visible skin discoloration, delivering spot-fading skincare directly to pigmented skin to prevent future spots from becoming visible.


OPTE captures 200 images of your skin per second, analyzing 60,000 photos every 5 minutes. Then, a precise color algorithm processes 70,000 lines of code to determine the exact size and shape of the spot to target and treat hyperpigmentation with breakthrough precision.

Backed by science

500k+ hours

1k+ formulas

13 patents

14+ years R&D


OPTE strategically camouflages your dark spots instead of concealing your skin. 120 tiny thermal ink-jet nozzles thinner than a human hair apply Optimizing Serum by the picoliter (one trillionth of a liter) precisely to your spots.

The result is a completely natural-looking, even-toned look that looks like your real skin with nothing on it, while 5% niacinamide-powered skincare fades those spots over time - all using 97% less product than foundation.

Our Inventors

OPTE started in the mind of Thomas Rabe at the historic Procter & Gamble labs over 14 years ago. No product on the market was solving the core needs of people with hyperpigmentation, and people were using a large amount of coverage products to address such a small amount of skin. Rabe wondered: What if we took a more targeted approach? Together, with R&D Director Becky Kaufman, we built a better solution: the OPTE Precision Skincare System.

The future of skincare

Discover the first and only handheld Precision Skincare device designed to be a daily all-in-one solution for hyperpigmentation that corrects, fades, and prevents dark spots, sun spots, and age spots.

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