Our Tech

OPTE uses blue light to see contrasts in skin and a precise color algorithm to micro-process 70,000 lines of code to determine the size and shape of the spot.

How it works

Blue led light

Illuminates contrast and variation in skin tone, allowing the camera to see significantly more pigmentation than the human eye and detect both visible spots and spots not yet noticeable

Digital camera

Captures 200 images of your skin per second, allowing the device to analyze 60,000 photos in each 5-minute use

Precision applicator

Contains 120 tiny thermal ink-jet nozzles (thinner than a human hair) that deposit Optimizing Serum by the picoliter (one trillionth of a liter) to achieve precise coverage with 97% less product than conventional foundation.

Titanium dioxide

OPTE’s clean-beauty-formulated serum is water-based, non-toxic and contains only the 11 necessary ingredients for noticeable results.

Safe blue light

The types of light that present a concern for skin safety with respect to skin damage, skin aging, and skin cancer are in UV range (wavelength range of 100nm-380nm).

The blue light in the OPTE device has a wavelength of 470nm and is therefore outside of the UV range and not a concern for skin safety.

Backed by science

500k hours
1k formulas
13 patents
10+ years R&D


OPTE applies tiny droplets of pigment to strategically camouflage your hyperpigmentation, rather than just cover. Traditional makeup covers your entire face with a single shade, so skin tone variations beneath may still be noticeable.

OPTE's precision application achieves what traditional makeup can't, by eliminating the contrast between hyperpigmentation and your surrounding skin for an even, natural look.

Our Inventors

OPTE began in the mind of Thomas Rabe at the historic Procter & Gamble labs 12 years ago. Why were women covering all of their perfect skin to address only a tiny portion of hyperpigmentation? With 13 patents, 500,000 work hours, dozens of engineers & scientists all obsessed with beauty, they found a better solution - the OPTE Precision System.

The future of beauty

OPTE scans, detects, and corrects to reveal the radiance of your natural skin.

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